Careers Opportunities at Mahesh Pu College

Take the FIRST STEP in to your career with Mahesh Pu College.

We work responsibly, reliably and diligently to provide faculty, staff and students the infrastructure necessary for individual and collective advance. At our campus the embrace of diversity permeates every classroom, laboratory, and auxiliary facility.

We strive to create an entity that works on the principle that “The foundation of every nation is the education of its youth”. Brick by brick, the walls of the institution have been strengthened to provide a firm foundation for our futuristic vision and class by class our teachers continue to mentor and mold generations of intelligent and self-motivated youngsters who will join the mainstream of India’s emergence as a global frontrunner.

Why Mahesh PU College, is a best Institute set-up to work for?

  • We strive to deliver a liberal education that fosters intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and leadership skills.
  • Mahesh College intelligently engages students with different learning styles with personalized feedback on their academic progress.
  • We constantly review our students’ competency throughout the course of their studies and frequently evaluate their ability to grasp the subject using assignments related to course deliverables.
  • We take our students into a virtual classroom and give them the opportunity to learn from some of the most renowned faculty members.
  • A typical Mahesh College student is not just well-rounded with a plethora of extracurricular activities in the sports and academic arena, but also fortified with a strong foundation of academic excellence – A perfect blend of curriculum with co-curricular and pro-academic activities.
  • Academically, Mahesh College emphasizes the importance of oral and written expression, intellectual curiosity and sound judgment.
  • We stress on cleanliness, personal hygiene and physical fitness in a clutter-free and friendly atmosphere that promotes personal development and growth across all verticals.
  • Indoor games (Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis), Outdoor games (Throwball, Volley Ball, Basket Ball) and other tournaments supplement the college experience.
  • Ultramodern laboratories with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment enrich the learning process and make winners of every student.
  • We adhere to our principle of small batches for every classroom to promote one-on-one contact with the faculty and optimum interaction that ultimately translates into excellent outcomes for each and every student.
  • Seminars, Exam Friend, Special Attention Batches, periodical examinations and chapter-wise tests, , coaching for NATA and a wide selection of books and study info-material in the well-endowed library – all together prepare the students to usher in a bright future with lucrative careers and job opportunities in abundance.
  • Regular parent and student counseling keeps performance in check and an opportunity to strengthen the mentor-student bond.


  • 3rd Cross, Matadakani Rd, Urwa,
    Mangaluru, Karnataka 575006
  • +91 63669 96569 / 63669 96570


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